SpinDuct Accessories

The SpinDuct Professional Air Duct Cleaning System already comes with everything you need to professionally clean air ducts. However, sometimes you may want added accessories to help sell a job, make your work even easier, etc.

Below are a list of accessories that are available through your distributor:

SpinDuct Video Inspection Scope, 16-1/2ft Cable Length

SpinDuct Video Scope The SpinDuct Video Inspection Scope allows high resolution color display with an extra long, waterproof 16-1/2 ft. cable for extended viewing range. This 16-1/2 ft. scope gives you the viewing range you need without the high costs associated with lesser quality units.

The SpinDuct Video Inspection Scope not only has extended reach but has cool features like:

3in High Resolution Screen
ZOOM Button to give you up to 2.5X zoom
View Flip Button that allows you to flip the image on the screen to adjust for different angles your cable may enter ductwork.
14 Hour Battery Life - 4 AA Batteries (Alkaline) not included.
Video Out - just in case you need to hook-up your inspection scope to a recording device.
Tool Box Carrying Case - to protect your video scope and easy transport.

Show your customers why they need their air ducts cleaned and how good of a job you can do. This tool can pay for itself by selling just one air duct cleaning job by showing the customer their dirty ducts!

SpinDuct Truck Ramp

Ramp This extra strong 800 lbs capacity 5 foot ramp is perfect for technicians that would like help getting equipment on/off their van. The 5ft x 29.5” wide ramp has a folding design that allows storage in a compact 60”x 15”x 4.5” space. The non-skid surface adds safety even during wet conditions. The bottom of the ramp includes self-adjusting platforms for easy wheel to ground transition. The convenient built-in carrying handle and lightweight design (26 lbs) makes it easy for the cleaning technician to use this ramp.




SpinDuct Register Vent Cleaner

This product was designed to easily cut through caked on dirt and other build-up found on register vents. This product safely removes years of build-up without harming the paint or finish of the vent.

Fill bucket with tap water. Add 1 oz. chemical per 1 gallon water. Vacuum register vent first. Submerge register vent into bucket of solution and clean with a microfiber towel. Dry register vent.

Cleaning Tips
Thoroughly vacuum the register vent before submersing into cleaning solution. By removing dry dirt particles first, it will make cleaning even easier. Completely dry before you put register vent back on wall, floor, or ceiling.


SpinDuct Enzyme Odor Control

This enzyme product has a pleasant fragrance to immediately neutralize odors. The product was designed to help with odors found in ductwork. Use this product with the SpinDuct Professional Fogger.

ULV Fogging:
1.5 Gallon Fogger Tank: Add 8-16 oz. product to 1.5 Gal water. Fog each duct for 1 to 3 seconds for effective deodorization.

Cleaning Tips
Thoroughly clean ductwork prior to fogging. Stick the end of the fogger hose into the open register vent area and fog for only a few seconds. It is better to fog each duct than fogging the trunk line for an extended period of time. Fogging each duct for only a few seconds reduces the risk of fog escaping the duct and filling the room.


SpinDuct Dryer Lint Trap Duster w/ Sleeves

This is a great tool to help with the dryer cleaning process. Lint finds its way past the filter in the dryer. Many times, this lint clogs the area between the filter trap and the exhaust of the dryer. The SpinDuct Lint Trap Duster along with the SpinDuct Lint Trap Duster Sleeves (sold separately) can help remove this lint. The microfiber sleeves slide over the tool to create a fluffy, statically charged cleaning tool. This thin, flexible tool slides into the dryer filter trap area to break apart clogged lint. The microfiber sleeves are statically charged to help attract this lint for easy removal. A great tool to add to your dryer vent cleaning process!